Latest Marvel NOW! Teasers — Indestructible Hulk Gets A New Artist. Superior Spider-Man Fired From The Avengers?

comic-book-newsThe latest round of Marvel NOW! teasers have surfaced today. Continuing on from yesterday’s teasers, today we get an Indestructible Hulk teaser “SMASH,” that reveals that Walt Simonson will be taking over the art duties from current artist Leinil Francis Yu. And from the looks of things, the Hulk will be sharing some time with Thor. Walt Simonson, plus Thor? I’m in.

The next teaser is for Superior Spider-Man and it appears he has been “FIRED” from the Avengers. Has the arrogance of Superior Spider-Man finally starting to catch up to him? What has provoked this reaction from the Avengers? Guess we will be finding out in April. (Via iFanboy)

marvel-now-indestructible-hulk-smash-teaser marvel-now-superior-spider-man-fired-teaser

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