Latest BotCon 2013 Exclusive Revealed, Obsidian!

toy-news-and-talkIt is Thursday. You man ask what does that mean? Well it means another BotCon 2013 Exclusive Set reveal. And the Transformers Collectors’ Club has posted the latest reveal. It is Machine Wars Obsidian! This latest figure uses the Transformers Voyager Class Hunt for Decepticons Highbrow/Generations Powerdive body with a new head sculpt. From the first reactions of fans, a few seem to be a taken back by the color choice for Obsidian. Can’t please everyone I guess. It should be noted that the images are mock ups only and the final product could vary. (Source: BotCon)

UPDATE: The Transformers Collectors’ Club posted an image of the alt-mode for Machine Wars Obsidian. It is mirrored below.

botcon-2013-exclusive-obsidian botcon-2013-exclusive-obsidian-and-strike-head-turn-arounds botcon-2013-exclusive-machine-wars-obsidian-alt-mode

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