KUNG FURY Set To Premiere On Thursday, May 28th!

Woohoo! It’s almost here! What you ask? The premiere of Kung Fury that is. The high-octane timetraveling ride through history will be dropping in just a couple of days. Not only will it be online, but it will also be debuting on television on the El Rey Network! There should be an option for everyone, which you can see listed below. So get ready, it is almost time to kick some Nazi-butt!

We are super excited to announce that Kung Fury will debut Thursday, May 28th at 22.15 GMT+2 (4:15pm ET) thru these following outlets:

  • YouTube streaming for free worldwide (outside of Sweden).
  • VHX for the Kickstarter $20+ HD digital download backers.
  • Sweden’s SVT2 and SVT Play (inside of Sweden).
  • The EL REY Network (North America) will be airing Kung Fury at 6:30pm ET/ 5:30 CT! Check out their super promo! https://youtu.be/KQK3Le5jibI
  • Kickstarter Backers $15+ Sneak Peek Footage will be released on Wednesday, May 27th thru VHX.
  • The Kung Fury HD digital download will be available for purchase on kungfury.com and iTunes May 28th 22.15 GMT+2 (4:15pm ET).
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