Kre-O Transformers Beast Hunters Optimus Prime and Microchanger Combiners!

toy-news-and-talkA few new Kre-O sets have surfaced and thanks to online retailer BigBadToyStore, we have a look at the sets. First up is the Beast Blade Optimus Prime, that ties into the upcoming Transformers Prime Season 3 that is being called “Beast Hunters.” This set is up for pre-order at online retailer BBTS. The other sets that have been shown, are something I’m very much interested in. Recently I’ve become addicted to the Kreon figures and once I got my hands on the Devastator one, I thought this would be much cooler in a combiner form (still keeping the Kreon feel). Well apparently Hasbro thought so too, BBTS has up for pre-order Kre-O Microchangers Combiners sets, which include: Constructicon Devastator, Decepticon Bruticus, Superion and Predaking. These sets are coming out early next year and they all look pretty damn cool if I do say so. (Source: BBTS)

kre-o-transformers-beast-hunters-optimus-prime kre-o-transformers-microchangers-constructicon-devastator kre-o-transformers-microchangers-decepticon-bruticus kre-o-transformers-microchangers-superion kre-o-transformers-microchangers-predaking

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