Kre-O Star Trek Blind Bag ID Codes

toy-news-and-talk Matt Guzy of the AwesomeToyBlog (give him a visit, lots of great stuff to be found on his site) has found the Kre-O Star Trek “Blind Bags” at a local Toys R Us. He doesn’t mention finding the sets yet, but I would imagine if they are not out yet, they will be very soon. Just like other Kre-O “Blind Bag” packs, there are codes to identifying the figures inside, and Matt has graciously put together those codes for fans to hunt down the figures they want. I’ve mirrored the list below for those that are looking.

  • 30711 05 Captain Nero
  • 30711 06 Keenser
  • 30711 07 Lieutenant Sprog
  • 30711 08 Klingon
  • 30711 09 Gorn
  • 30711 10 Grasia

(Source: AwesomeToyBlog)

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