Kre-O G.I. Joe Ninja Arashikage Dojo Set Has Been Found at Retail

toy-news-and-talkYesterday on Twitter (thanks to @Magnum6Delta) I saw that the Leaky Suit Brigade, reported that the Kre-O G.I. Joe Ninja Arashikage Dojo Set has been found at a local Toys R Us store. The set features Destro, Baroness, Commando Snake Eyes, Hard Master, plus two Ninja mini-figures, along with a Cobra HISS. The retail price is $75, which is without a doubt a bit pricey. I’m sure it will still sell initially, especially considering it has Destro and Baroness in the set. I suspect we will see many returned with the mini-figures swapped out too. (Source: LSB)


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