Kotobukiya’s Light-Up LED Swords Are a Game Changing Accessory For The 6-Inch Scale

Kotobukiya LED SwordKotobukiya has announced a series of light-up LED swords in blue, green and red colors that should have 6-inch scale action figure collectors excited.

Koto’s LED swords are battery powered and illuminate by pressing the blade downward. The light can then be turned off by pulling the oval-shaped piece on the sword’s hilt upward. While the hilts are simple and generic, one of the included blades features a taper that has a striking resemblance to a lightsaber. Best of all, the swords and blades aren’t bulky or over-sized. Kotobukiya’s solicitation photos show their 6-inch scale Frame Arms Girl figures (standing and about 5.3 inches tall) wielding the LED swords and they look awesome!

The Kotobukiya LED Swords are available for pre-order from Hobby Link Japan and are priced ¥960, which is approximately $8.60. The LED Swords are expected to be released in July.

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