Kotobukiya Bringing Bizarro to Life in ARTFX+ Statue Line

Kotobukiya Bizarro ARTFX+ StatueSupervillain Bizarro is coming to life in Kotobukiya’s ARTFX+ statue line this fall.

Based on the DC Comics New 52 version of the character, Lex Luthor’s Frankenstein-like clone of the Man of Steel has monster-like features that include lesions on the skin, ash-colored flesh, and sunken eyes. A tattered shirt with a reversely stitched Superman emblem across the chest exemplifies Bizarro’s inferior nature, as does the yellow flower held in Bizarro’s left. Koto’s ARTFX+ Bizarro stands in a tenth-scale at slightly over 8 inches tall and is compatible with all of the other DC ARTFX+ statues. Like all of Kotobukiya’s ARTFX+ statues, Bizarro has magnets in his feet for extra stability on his included display base.

Kotobukiay’s Bizarro ARTFX+ statue is scheduled for release in Nov. with pre-orders for the statue are now open directly from Kotobukiya at the Official Koto Shop. The statue is priced $59.99.

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