Kotobukiya Announces Thanos Fine Art Statue

Kotobukiya Thanos Fine Art StatueKotobukiya is bringing the mad titan Thanos from the pages of Marvel Comics to their Fine Art Statue collection.

Kotobukiya’s Thanos Fine Art statue stands in a sixth-scale at 15.5 inches tall. The purple-skinned villain is equipped in his signature blue and gold armor, adding bulk to the character’s already imposing frame. Thanos is posed stop the skulls of his defeated enemies, clenching his fists to signify his power. Thanos’ left hand features the Infinity Gauntlet, which is recreated with six differently-colored gems. Two portraits are included with Koto’s Thanos Fine Art statue and Thanos can be displayed with a cunning smile or a teeth-clenched grimace.

Kotobukiya’s Thanos Fine Art statue is available for pre-order from the official Koto store for $299.99. The Thanos statue is scheduled for release in Dec.

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