King Arts Announces Age of Ultron Hulk to Compliment Their Ninth-Scale Diecast Hulkbuster

King Arts 1/9th Format Figure Series HulkKing Arts is inaugurating their newly announced 1/9th Format Figure Series line with a Hulk statue based on the big guy’s appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Hulk compliments King Arts’ other ninth-scale figures, particularly their 1/9th Diecast Figure Series Hulkbuster.

King Arts’ Hulk statue includes an extra interchangeable Hulk torso, a Veronica Hulkbuster armor module, and an extra arm for their diecast Hulkbuster. Hulks interchangeable torso and the extra arm for the 16-inch Hulkbuster help recreate the iconic fight scene between Tony Stark’s Mark 44 (XLIV) armor and the Green Goliath. Hulk is scheduled for release between the third and fourth quarters of 2016 and is priced $200.

Ninth-scale figures stand at an average height of 9.5-inches tall, putting them between the popular sixth (12-inch) and twelfth (6-inch) scales many collectors are familiar with.

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