Killzone: Shadow Fall Announced for PlayStation 4

video-games-gaming-newsDuring the Sony press event tonight for the PlayStation 4 announcement, one of the few games that was announced, and shown off was Killzone: Shadow Fall. The fourth installment in the first-person shooter Killzone series, which will once again, be one of the launch games for the next-gen PlayStation console. Developer Guerrilla Games posted the live demo footage from the even online, which you can watch below. The demo shows an attack on Vekta City, which you can see some gorgeous graphics at work thanks to the PlayStation 4 hardware. If you are a fan of the Killzone series, this looks like it will be more of the adrenaline rush like we’ve come to expect from the previous installments. Check out the video below and some screenshots. You can look for more information at

Here is a teaser trailer for Killzone: Shadow Fall. It is mostly made up of the preview footage in the video above.

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