Kickstarter Projects: Comic Book Edition — Torchlight Lullaby, Rapid City, Super Natural and More!

Today we are going to take a look a few Kickstarter projects that are looking for funding in the comic book category. As I’m sure many of you that check out this site are probably interested in comics, I thought why not spotlight a few projects that you might take interest in. So let’s get to it!

Torchlight Lullaby: A Fantasy Adventure Graphic Novel

This project is already being spotlighted by Kickstarter, but it immediately caught my attention (guess they are doing their job then) and I wanted to share it with you as well. As I got older, I ventured further out from just reading superhero comics from the “Big Two” and discovered many great projects by talented people.

This continues to this day where I find myself reading more indy books than mainstream ones. Ryan Fisher’s Torchlight Lullaby: A Fantasy Adventure Graphic Novel looks like one of those projects that will just hold a special memory (and a relatable one too) in your head for many years to come. The project is just getting underway, but like all Kickstarter campaigns, they can always use a little help, funded or not. So check it out, it looks promising.

Rapid City Below Zero #4

I’ll be completely honest here, this project I am partly biased over, the creator on this project is a good friend of mine. I have known the creator and writer of the Rapid City series for close to 30 years now. At one time I was also working on the project (in a different form), but life took me in a different direction. So I know the labor of love this project is for Josh.

Over the years he has put much of his own money into this independent venture, but now he needs your helps to keep it going. The current artist on this project Shawn Langley needs to take on other projects to “pay the bills” as they say, but if Josh can raise some money, then he can afford to pay him a higher page rate and they can continue to get the project done in a more timely manner.

So if you would, head on over to the Rapid City: Below Zero #4 Kickstarter page and check it all out. Before it was trendy, Josh was writing a strong female lead, so that is a plus too!

Enforcer: Tough Luck #1

I have always loved the idea of genre blending. The idea of western and sci-fi together, or in this case, mobsters and supernatural, is pretty interesting to me. Enforcer from Brian Funk is about a supernatural crime noir comic set in a city of mobsters, magic and monsters. Sounds pretty cool, huh? Then head on over and check it out. The Enforcer: Tough Luck #1 campaign is still in the early days and could use some help.

Star Power and the Search for Black Hole Bill

Next we have a project that feature another female superhero that blends sci-fi, westerns and superhero genres together. This is actually the second volume in the on-going space adventures of astronomer turned superhero Danica Maris. Created by Garth Graham and Michael Terracciano, together they are looking to bring a 144 page hardcover book to the masses featuring their heroine, Star Power. The production on this look fantastic, with some great looking art, the story sounds interesting as well.

The project is already fully funded and has unlocked most of their stretch goals as well, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on this and get a copy as well. So check out the Star Power and the Search for Black Hole Bill Kickstarter page for more details and pledge options.

Super Natural: Book 1

Lastly, and certainly not least in my little spotlight here is, Super Natural. Created by Marcus Williams, Super Natural is a superhero character he created to be used as a supporting pivotal character in Anthony Piper’s superhero parody entitled Trill League comic series. Now Williams is looking to create a solo comic book origin story, that finally explains who she is and what’s she’s about.

With some a unique art style has a great urban influence to it, Super Natural stands out as a strong project that deserves some attention. This project is funded as well, but don’t miss out on it if you like superhero books and want to try something a little different. Head on over to the Super Natural: Book 1 Kickstarter and check out more are and pledge today!

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