Kickstarter Project: Marauder “Gun-Runners” Presents — Marauder Task Force Figures

toy-news-and-talkI’ve talked a bit about this on Twitter already, but the writing is starting to show on the wall. That the action figure industry is shifting. As the big companies are reducing what they produce, in numbers and articulation, the collectors’ market is finding ways to fill-in those gaps. Either with designer figures, small-run customs or crowd-sourcing.

One hole that is about to be filled is the one G.I. Joe will soon be leaving behind. As it is shrinking at retail, Marauder “Gun-Runners” is stepping up. They have announced a new Kickstarter project called Marauder Task Force Figures and they look pretty freaking cool. There are three figures being offered in a variety of pledges and options.

Starting at $19 will get you one of these highly detailed figures and that is the just the beginning. the articulation level looks to be on par with that of the current gen of G.I. Joe figures, which is pretty amazing on the third-party collectors’ market. Each figure is 4-inches tall and highly modular with a variety of gear.

Currently the project is at $6,616 of its $29,995 goal, which is less than a day under way. Thus is triple what it was when I looked at it late last night. Which says to me there is a demand out there that is being fulfilled here. So you don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity. Check out the video and images below, then consider heading over to the Kickstarter project page today and back the project to help fund the Marauder Task Force Figures.

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