Kickstarter Project: Kaiju USB – GODAI Guardians Collectible USB Figurines

toy-news-and-talkKickstarter has turned into a great way for people and companies to get things into consumers hands that would otherwise not happen. Most of the stuff I’ve come across and posted here has been collectible toys and a movie project. Now this falls in the collectible toy area, but also serves a daily purpose too.

The Kaiju USB: GODAI Guardians Collectible USB Figurines is for collectible 8GB or 16GB USB drives that feature chibi style versions of some original Kaiju monsters. There are currently 4 different characters, Chi, Ka, Fu and Sui. The project is currently at a little over $3600 of its $25,000 goal with 3 weeks left. If you are looking for something unique for your desk at work, or a friend that collects monsters, then check out the Kaiju USB: GODAI Guardians Collectible USB Figurines project.

kaiju-usb-godai-chi-usb-figurine-01 kaiju-usb-godai-chi-usb-figurine-02 kaiju-usb-godai-chi-usb-figurine-art kaiju-usb-godai-ka-usb-figurine-art kaiju-usb-godai-fu-usb-figurine-art kaiju-usb-godai-sui-usb-figurine-art

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