Kickstarter Project: Iron Legions Mech Toys

toy-news-and-talkAs retail seem to be going towards simplification for toys, collectors are starting to turn to other sources to get cool quality collectible toys. Kickstarter has been a great source so far and I’ve featured a couple of projects here that I have backed myself too.

Well another project has been posted and I think it deserves a look at. It is called Iron Legions Mech Toys. If you are a fan of mechs or giant robots then this might just appeal to you. The project is just a few days into its 30 day fundraising campaign and has raised a little over $2200. But it still has a way to go as it has a goal of $47,000.

There are two mechs in the initial project, the Systems Ordinance League (SOL) Orthrus artillery quadruped mech, and the United Aegis Federation Paladin mech. Both look very cool. If the project is able to go beyond the first $47,000 there are two stretch goals, the first one at $67,000 introduces the Goliath Tank, and the very ambitions second stretch goal is at $100,000 and adds in the Spectre hover mech.

I would love to see this project happen, so that is why I’m trying to help spread the word. So as 5 point articulation are becoming common at retail, we have the power to help make something this cool become a reality to make up for it. Head on over to the Kickstarter project page and pledge today, starting at $25 will get you one of the mech figures. I want to thank Adam Pawlus (aka @adam16bit) for the heads up on this cool project.

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