Kickstarter Project: IAmElemental Action Figures for Girls

toy-news-and-talkThis must be the week of really cool Kickstarter projects, with the introduction of October Toys’ Skeleton Warriors Glyos Compatible Action Figures and Boss Fight Studio’s Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Action Figures. And today, thanks to Jason Clarke (aka PoeGhostal) on Twitter, I discovered another really cool project.

It is called IAmElemental Action Figures for Girls. Now before you turn around and go back to what you were doing, stay with me here. Yes, this project is promoting action figures for girls. Which I think is great and I fully commend. But what they have done is create a great looking female action figure. They are created with real female proportions in mind (something we can all agree has been needed) and represent the elemental powers of courage. Each Elemental figure stand 4-inches tall and feature 9 points of articulation.

Figures start at a $10 pledge and go up from there. So it is pretty easy to get in on. The project is fully funded, so you will be getting something for your pledge. After the Kickstarter ends, figures will only be available at retail (no mention of which retailers) and through subscription (no details of that yet). Each figure will be a mystery pack, but for those that order multiples on Kickstarter will be guaranteed different figures.

Head on over to the project page and read more about this exciting new action figure line. It ends in about 8 days, so time is running out to get in on it.

elemental-action-figures-elements-of-courage elemental-action-figures-series-1-courage elemental-action-figures-series-1-courage-promo

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