Kickstarter Project: BMOG Stretch Goal Added — Featherblight and Non-Dino Squad

toy-news-and-talkRight now the BMOG: Bio Mechanical Ordnance Gestalts Kickstarter Project is sitting around 60% of its initial $19,000 funding. This hasn’t stopped Trent Troop and team from adding the first stretch goal to the project.

The new stretch goal is a second wave of figures. This new wave consists of Featherblighht, an eagle and he is joined by the Non-Dino Squad, a team of three acient reptiles that are often mistaken for dinosaurs: Slashback the dimetrodon, Splashpoint the icthyosaur and the Multi-Function Pterattacktyl.

There are still 18 days to go for the project, so there is hope it will be fully funded, but not too sure this stretch goal will make it, as an additional $12,000 on top the $19,000 will be needed. But hey, you never know, the necessary funding could come through in the final hours.

All of the figures look great, and I’m hoping the initial funding can at least get through and then maybe future waves will have a chance. Check out some CAD renderings showing off the figures from the potential Wave 2 figures. (Source: Kickstarter &

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