Kickstarter: Cronus Magnus–Vulkira’s Nemesis–Is Here


You may remember back in 2014 a Kickstarter for a great vinyl toy called Project Vulkira. If you do, then you’ll be excited to hear that Eric Smith–a.k.a. Full Blown Ink–is back with a new project. First shown off earlier this year, Smith is now ready to seek some help to get his Cronus Magnus made. The nemesis to Vulkira, Cronus Magnus looks menacing and a formidable enemy.

Inspired by his love of giant Japanese robots, Cronus Magnus is limited to 300 pieces and will feature a painted glow-in-the-dark colorway. He will stand 10.5″ and will have three points of articulation, foil belly sticker as well as interchangeable hand/weapon attachments. Cronus Magnus will come packaged in a printed box.

As I mentioned, Smith needs our help to get this funded. He is looking to raise $16,000 and so far has raise $2200. There are still 28 days to go in this Kickstarter campaign, so if you picked up Vulkira, then you are going to need a Cronus Magnus to face off against. If you missed Vulkira, then you’ll want to check out one of the pledge levels which offers both figures. Check it out and give what you can!

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