Kick-Ass 2 Director Jeff Wadlow to Write X-FORCE Script, May Direct Too?

hollywood-movie-newsNews broke this week on Thursday, that Fox was looking to do a X-FORCE movie next. Wanting to build upon their X-MEN franchise, Fox wants to do X-FORCE and will make an announcement about it next week at Comic-Con. But before then, some rumblings have surfaced about the potential film. It is sounding like Kick-Ass 2 Director Jeff Wadlow has been announced as the screenwriter and possible director. If this is in fact true, it sounds like Fox is really serious about this one.

Also, X-FORCE creator and comic book artist, Rob Liefeld has chimed in on Twitter and confirmed the movie is in development and possibly revealed a bit of info on it. Liefeld says that the movie will have Cable in it, and Deadpool! So it sounds like this won’t be the X-Men hit squad team, but something closer to the original team that spawned from the New Mutants in the early ’90s. Also, Liefeld says that look for this to finally spinoff the Deadpool movie that has been long talked about, but has hit roadblock after roadblock. Now it is fun to read all this info, but I would take it as rumor or hearsay for now until Fox gives us the full confirmation. Which hopefully will come next week at Comic-Con. (Source: /film)

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