Kevin Feige Confirms Daredevil Rights Return to Marvel Studios

hollywood-movie-newsThough we’ve pretty much known, officially it has been announced that the live-action film rights to Daredevil have indeed reverted back to Marvel Studios. This was confirmed by Kevin Feige, President of Production at Marvel Studios to Newsarama today. Back in August, it was reported that the previous rights-holder, Twentieth Century Fox, had until October 10th to put a Daredevil film into production before the rights reverted back to Marvel, that deadline passed with no project announced. So it was assumed that Daredevil was now under Marvel control, but no official announcement was issued, until now.

Definitely some good news. So now, what does Marvel do with the character? Many have said to do a TV series, which the character is probably better suited for. What do you think? (Source: Newsarama)

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