Justice League: War is Just the Beginning of New DC Animated Movie Plans

hollywood-movie-newsTomorrow, the latest animated movie from DC Entertainment will be available, Justice League: War. The animated movie is based on the first story arc from the DC Comics New 52 Justice League by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee. But it is more than that, it is the beginning of a “world-building” within the DC animated movies.

“This will definitely be the first salvo in doing new movies that are in continuity with each other,” James Tucker, producer of “Justice League: War” and multiple DC animated projects, told CBR News during the west coast premiere of the film at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills. “Our next movie’s going to be ‘Son of Batman,’ and that Batman will be the same Batman that you see in ‘Justice League: War.’ Basically, we’ll have two concurrent series of Justice League movies and Batman movies, and they’ll be in continuity with each other. So it’s kind of world-building.”

This is pretty interesting, to have DC first creating a great television universe for their characters, now to see that they are looking to do the same with their animated movies is great. The animated movies are already fantastic on their own, but to now have some sense of continuity will be even more worth while. What do you think? There is more to read with producer James Tucker over at CBR. Look for Justice League: War on sale tomorrow on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download. (Source: CBR)

justice-league-war-still-image-020314-01 justice-league-war-still-image-020314-02 justice-league-war-still-image-020314-03

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