Just A Reminder That Glyos: Commander Sullkren, Traveler, Argen, & Noboto, Go On Sale Tonight!

toy-news-and-talkJust wanted to remind those that are interested, that there will be a new mini-release of new Glyos System figures going on sale tonight. Look for Dark Traveler, Argen MK XI, Goldboto (Gold Noboto), Commander Sullkren MK II. Also available are restock of parts, plus Crayboth Martranica and Crayboth Hanosyric too.

  • Commander Sullkren MK II – $12 USD
  • Dark Traveler – $12 USD
  • Argen MK XI – $12 USD
  • Goldboto – $8 USD

I’m not sure if the limits will be lifted after a while or not, but I’m sure these are going to go fast. So don’t miss this one. They go on sale tonight at 9:30pm EST in the Onell Design Store. You can check out a sneak peek of the figures below along with further details on the sale. Definitely looking forward to adding these to my collection, especially that Dark Argen.

LSA-CLOSE-ALT Dark-Argen-2-WEB Travelers-CLOSE-WEB Sullkren-Dark-Travelers-SNEAK-WEB-ALT Dark-Argen-USE Goldboto-SNEAK-USE

We are confirmed for this Sunday, March 30th at 9:30PM EST!

There will be purchasing limits on select items:

-Argen MK XI (2 limit per customer)

-Commander Sullkren MK II (1 limit per customer)

-Dark Traveler Sorvellius (2 limit per customer)

Commander Sullkren MK II (Detail Lined Light Gray/Gray w/ painted eyes, head, chest, pelvis, shoulders, hands and feet and/packed with Light Gray Phanost head, Light Gray Scar Pheyden head, Gray Traveler belt, Light Gray Pheyden head, Light Gray Pheyden chest and Light Gray Pheyden pelvis) $12

Dark Traveler Sorvellius (Detail Lined Gray/Light Gray w/ painted eyes, head, shoulders, hands and feet and/packed with removable belt and inner/outer scarves, Gray Elder Exellis head, Gray LSA head, Gray Pheyden head, Gray Pheyden chest and Gray Pheyden pelvis) $12

Axis Buildman Argen MK XI -Dark Argen (Black Metallic w/ Red visors and White tampos -Includes new two part head and scarf) $12

Noboto -Urballim Goldboto (Metallic Gold w/ painted eyes, bonus head and White tampos) $8

Swing Joint Set -Black Metallic $4

Axis Joint Set -Ultra Silver $4 RESTOCK
Axis Joint Set -GITD Green $4 RESTOCK
Axis Joint Set -Metallic Black $4 RESTOCK

Crayboth Martranica -Metalllic Pearlescent Purple $3 Matches recent Kabuto Mushi Color
Crayboth Hanosyric -Metalllic Pearlescent Cyan $3 Matches recent Kabuto Mushi Color

More pics will be popping up as we close in on Sunday night!

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