JoeCon 2015: Official Press Images of 2015 G.I. Joe Product

Shortly after the Hasbro panel today at JoeCon, official press images were released of most of the product revealed. Once again if you follow me on Twitter then you saw these, but if you don’t, here you go. These are the official product images of the 2015 G.I. Joe line. Now this doesn’t mean everything is in its final form. We could see changes by the time they arrive at retail. Just keep that in mind. Anyways, enjoy the images showing off the 2015 G.I. Joe: 2-packs, 3-packs, vehicle battle packs and SDCC Exclusives.

2015 G.I. Joe 2-Packs:
(SRP $14.99, On Shelves August 2015)
– Classic Clash: Storm Shadow (V2) vs Spirit Iron-Knife
– Hunt for Cobra Commander: Cobra Commander vs Shipwreck w/ Polly
– Marine Devastation: Cobra Shadow Guard vs Gung Ho
– Swamp Steam: Croc Master vs Blowtorch
– Troop Build-Up: Iron Grenadier vs Steel Brigade

2015 G.I. Joe 3-Packs:
(SRP $19.99, On Shelves August 2015)
– Chase for the MASS Device: Cobra Commander, Cobra C.L.A.W.S. trooper, Duke (25th Anniversary DVD Set Re-Release)
– Rock Rampage: Cobra Shock Trooper, Cobra Rock Viper and Alpine
– Sneak Attack: Bazooka, Dusty and Firefly
– Vanishing Act: Torpedo, Hit & Run and Zartan

2015 G.I. Joe Vehicle Battle Packs:
Desert Duel
(SRP $49.99, On Shelves August 2015)
– Cobra Basilisk (Snow Cat repaint) with Elite Horseman Driver
– FOE Striker (Slightly retooled AWE Striker) with new version of Chuckles in Desert Deco

Silent Strike
(SRP $59.99, On Shelves August 2015)
– Cobra H.I.S.S. Tank (Original V1 design with Rail Gun) with HISS Driver
– G.I.Joe Stealth Skystriker with Ace and Sightline (New G.I.Joe Anti-Aircraft Support character, created as an homage to Gary “Goggles” Head.)

2015 San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) G.I.Joe Exclusives
Crimson Strike Box Set
(SRP $99.99, Available July 2015 at SDCC)
Includes: Cobra Scythe (Skystriker repaint) with Cobra AVAC pilot and an Alley Viper Officer. Also in the set is the G.I.Joe Chimera (Captured HISS Tank with Rail Gun) with Grunt and Steeler

Desert Duel Box Set
(SRP $59.99, Available July 2015 at SDCC)
Includes: Cobra Basilisk (Snow Cat repaint) with Elite Horseman Driver and Cobra Air Trooper. Also in this set is the FOE Striker with Chuckles and Night Fox.

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