JoeCon 2015 Location and Date Announced

The G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club has announced the location and date for the 2015 JoeCon. Next year they will be heading to Springfield, Illinois during April 9th-12th. So mark your calendars and put in for that vacation time if you are interested in going. There are no other details available at this time, including whether Hasbro will be attending.


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  • Dakemesh

    Fun choice – I’ve heard it’s a “Nice Little Town”.

    • Still wish it was in Chicago, but it is irrelevant since it is so close to C2E2, so the choice is easy for me.

    • How accessible is Springfield for most people? Seems like a two flight hop for most of us, at the very least. That’s a little concerning. I get the “pun” but the humor could backfire if it’s too expensive for people to get there.

  • Alexander Germanis

    For once I can actually feasibly go. Yo Joe! Unless my wife won’t let me.