JoeCon 2015: Images of Convention Exclusives, Plus Pricing

New images have been posted giving us a first look at the 2015 JoeCon Exclusives that will be available at the Club Store during JoeCon starting tonight. The images confirm details that was being reported this morning. Along with the images, the pricing has been reported and let’s just say, I hope you brought lots of cash, these are some costly exclusives. Yikes!

  • Iron Grenadiers Air Assault 2-pack LE 900 (IG Colored Annihilators) — $72
  • Tiger Force Helicopter Crew 3-Pack LE 800 (Tiger Force: Frostbite, Sky Striker and Alpine) — $86
  • Tiger Force Helicopter LE 600 (Tomahawk Repaint) — $168
  • Tiger Shark w/Felino LE 800 (TF Dusty) — $83
  • Tiger Sting w/Sgt. Katzenjammer-Bogen LE 800 (TF Bazooka) — $83
  • Iron Anvil Officer w/Parachute LE 600 — $34
  • Kre-O Tiger Force 6-Pack — $39

I know that the Club incurred some extra expenses due to poor planning on their part, including having to air freight the product in to have it in time, but these prices are just a little insane. Well if you are at JoeCon this weekend, I hope you have a great time.

UPDATE: Added images taken by Pop Critica’s very own Travis who is in attendance at the convention.

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