JoeCon 2015: Attendee Freebie Revealed, Con Exclusives Listed

The first details from JoeCon in Springfield, IL this weekend are starting to trickle in. This morning we have a first look at the JoeCon Attendee Free Souvenir Vehicle, an Iron Grenadiers Mantis Sub. First released under the Valor vs. Venom line, then again as part of The Rise of Cobra line, this Cobra vehicle sees itself released as another repaint. In addition to the Attendee Freebie, the other convention exclusives have been unveiled, though no pricing yet. The list is pretty standard, a 2-pack and 3-pack plus a couple small/medium vehicles with one large one, a repaint of the Retaliation Tomahawk Helicopter.

  • Iron Grenadiers Air Assault 2-pack LE 900 (IG Colored Annihilators)
  • Tiger Force Helicopter Crew 3-Pack LE 800 (Believed to be: Tiger Force Frostbite, Sky Striker and Tiger Force Alpine)
  • Tiger Force Helicopter LE 600 (Tomahawk Repaint)
  • Tiger Shark w/Felino LE 800 (TF Dusty)
  • Tiger Sting w/Sgt. Katzenjammer-Bogen LE 800 (TF Bazooka?)
  • Iron Anvil Officer w/Parachute LE 600

I would suspect that most of this will be sold out by tonight or early tomorrow. Don’t expect there to be much available for those attending the show on Saturday and/or Sunday. So if you want any of this, better be getting their early.


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