JoeCon 2013: Concept Case, Part 2 — Hasbro Still Hates You!

toy-news-and-talkWell apparently Hasbro saying, “we aren’t showing you anything new at JoeCon,” only meant new retail figures. Because this afternoon, Hasbro decided to tell you they still don’t like you, and once again decided to tease you some more with Concept Case, Part 2. These are more figures (along with a couple from last year’s Concept Vault) that are not planned for release any time soon. These are concepts only! So enjoy the nice tease. I want to say this as a note, I’m mostly joking about Hasbro hating you. Just quite the “gut punch” to see these things knowing they are not coming out any time soon (or at all). So I’m just having fun with it. (Images courtesy of @wolfyhound)

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