Joe Madureira Joins Matt Fraction on ‘Inhumanity’ Event Series

comic-book-newsOn Thursday, it was announced that the next major comic event from Marvel coming later this year would be called, Inhumanity. The series would be focusing on the Inhumans and the effects of global activation of super-powered beings, when the Terrigen Mists is released around the world. Writer Matt Fraction says,

“It’s a chance to spray everybody with supersoldier serum and see what happens,” Fraction told PopWatch of the premise, which finds the entire planet somehow exposed to the Inhumans’ powers-granting Terrigen Mists. “Did you know that you had a king? Did you know that you had a secret genetic lineage? Oh, and by the way, now you have horns, and someone’s coming to kill you!”

Interesting way to look at it.

Also, revealed yesterday, it looks like artist Joe Madureira will be joining Fraction on the series. You can see the first cover mirrored below. Now, as much as I enjoy Joe Mad‘s work, I’m a little skeptical about this, he is not exactly known for meeting deadlines. So we can only hope that he has been hard at work on this series already and will have some issues complete by the time the first one arrives at comic shops. So what do you guys think? Are you excited for this Inhumanity event? What do you think about Joe Mad being the artist? (Via EW PopWatch)


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