Joaquin Phoenix Is In Final Negotiaions To Play Doctor Strange?

hollywood-movie-newsThe casting rumors for Marvel’s Doctor Strange are starting to be as bad as the Star Wars Episode VII ones. So many names have floated around, most recently Jack Huston. But apparently Huston is just that, a rumor, nothing more. A name that has come into the forefront again is Joaquin Phoenix.

Yep, the wacky and somewhat unstable Phoenix is Marvel’s top pick according to Collider. They are reporting that final negotiations are taking place to get him to play the role of Stephen Strange. The length and number of movies is what is supposedly holding things up as Phoenix wants the freedom to do other projects and not be held down by his Marvel contract. So what do you think about Joaquin Phoenix playing Doctor Strange? Could you see him being featured in an Avengers movie too in the role?

Doctor Strange will be directed by Scott Derrickson. It does not have a release date yet. (Source: Collider)

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