Jessica De Gouw is Returning to ‘Arrow’ as The Huntress

television-news-and-talkMore great Arrow news, TV Guide is reporting that Jessica de Gouw will be reprising her role as Helena Bertinelli, aka the Huntress, on an upcoming episode of Arrow titled “Birds of Prey.” The episode will feature the Huntress as she once again attempts to kill her father, crime lord Frank Bertinelli, but the Arrow and the Canary are standing in her way.

First appearing in season one of Arrow, Jessica de Gouw is currently starring in NBC’s Dracula series. I don’t know how well that show is actually doing, but I’m glad to see de Gouw returning to the role of the Huntress. Was a little afraid they would recast her. The “Birds of Prey” episode of Arrow will premiere on Wednesday, March 26th at 8pm on The CW. (Source: TV Guide)

arrow-episode-8-vendetta-with-jessica-de-gouw-as-the-huntress-02 arrow-episode-8-vendetta-with-jessica-de-gouw-as-the-huntress-03


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