Jean-Claude Van Damme Gives Us The Gift That Keeps On Giving

it-came-from-the-interwebsI can’t believe I missed this originally, with over 63 million views I’m disappointed that have until now. I mean Jean-Claude Van Damme has truly given us a gem here. One of the many things he is pretty well-known for is doing the splits in his movies. I know silly as it sounds, but it is.

Well JCVD has shown us he still has what it takes in this commercial/video for Volvo Trucks that features him doing the splits while the two trucks are traveling in reverse.

And now it seems that Chuck Norris was not having any of it, he decided he needed to one up Jean-Claude and I think he just might have with this CGI spoof of the Volvo Trucks video. And for kicks, Channing Tatum has shown him how it was done too, but I think he fell a little short. Still funny nonetheless. Enjoy these little gems.

Here is the original with JCVD:

Chuck Norris’ version:

Channing Tatum’s version:

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