J.J. Abrams: “C-3P0 and R2-D2 Have Two Different Agents.”

hollywood-movie-newsWith recent news of the galaxy’s most popular little R2 unit making a return in Star Wars Episode VII, many have been a bit nervous about why C-3PO was not announced as well. When asked about the chances of C-3PO making a cameo in the next Star Wars film in a interview with MTV, director J.J. Abrams could only crack a smile and a joke and say…

“They have different agents.”

Abrams also goes on to discuss why he believes moving the film’s release date to December 2015 was a good choice as you can read from the interview entirety below.

“I will say that it is an infinitely better situation now than when they were saying they wanted it in the summer. Before I even came onto the project, before I was brought on, they were talking about 2015 and they made this announcement very early on. Which I understand, and I understand why they’d want that, but it didn’t necessarily have anything to do with the reality of where anyone was creatively. So I think that it’s a hugely important thing that comes first, and that a release date is great, but you have to release something great. So to me, the new release date is a huge improvement.”

Star Wars Episode VII will be hitting theatres December 18, 2015. Source: ComingSoon.net)

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