Is Vin Diesel Teasing the Role of Thanos?

hollywood-movie-newsEarlier this month Vin Diesel shared with fans that Marvel wanted to have a meeting with the Fast & Furious actor. After his meeting, he has been teasing what the secret meeting was about. Fans began speculating what character Marvel might have in mind for the actor. I think the front-runner might be Thanos, and after Vin Diesel‘s latest comment from Comic-Con, that could prove to be correct.

“I could tell you that Marvel was excited about bringing a different kind of relationship or love story, I guess kind of inspired from the Dom-Letty relationship (from Fast & The Furious), into the Marvel universe.”

Based on that, I think it is a strong possibility that he will be playing The Mad Titan, Thanos. Supposedly we’ll be finding out very soon (possibly by the end of this month) what the role will be. What do you guys think? I could definitely get behind this if it is correct. (Source: via ComingSoon)


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