Is This The PlayStation 4 Controller?

video-games-gaming-newsAs reported recently, Sony Entertainment has scheduled a press release event this February 20th. They have been pretty secret about the details, many have speculated that with the expected fall next-gen console releases that it would be the first look at the PlayStation 4. And earlier today an image surfaced of what looked like could be a first look at the PlayStation 4 controller. You can take a look at the image below to see for yourself. Apparently since the image surfaced, multiple people have confirmed the controller is legit, but an early prototype version. So it most likely does not look like this currently. If the Sony event next week turns out to be for the PlayStation 4, we will be seeing what exactly the controller will look like. (Source: Destructoid via GameInformer)

UPDATE: Another look at that early PS4 controller prototype surfaced over at All Games Beta *via GameInformer).

possible-playstation-4-controller playstation-4-controller-prototype-leaked-image-2nd-look

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