Is This A First Look at Mattel’s ‘Man of Steel’ Figures?

toy-news-and-talkThanks to an eBay listing from seller domoliou, we seem to have our first look at the first figure from the upcoming Man of Steel movie. The listing is called “DC Universe Classics Superman 3.75″ Prototype,” but clearly it looks like the outfit for Superman in the 2013 movie. And in typical Mattel fashion, the figure has very limited articulation. With only neck, shoulder, elbow and hip joints; the figure joins the likes of the recent Green Lantern and The Dark Knight Rises toy lines. Even the “S” shield on the chest appears to look like it will be painted instead of sculpted. Overall, not too impressed by this figure. Hopefully there will be some kind of Man of Steel collectors’ sub-line available. Only time will tell. Thanks to Goldbug for the heads up. (Via GeekSummit)

superman-man-of-steel-prototype-01 superman-man-of-steel-prototype-02

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