Is The Terminator Reboot Close To Finding Its “Sarah Connor”?

hollywood-movie-newsDeadline is reporting a story that actress’s Brie Larson (21 Jump Street) and Emilia Clarke (HBO’s Game Of Thrones) are the two front-runners to play Sarah Connor. I think both have the look to pull off the character. What do you guys think? The Terminator reboot (first of a trilogy) is slated for July 2, 2015.

Frankly, while I am sure this will be an entertaining film, I am a bit “rebooted out.” I don’t know what happened to the actual sequel the studio was working on prior to the decision to reboot the franchise. I don’t think there is a need, considering the originally trilogy was already solid. What are your thoughts? More reboots, or please give us a true sequel set in the future? (Source: Deadline)

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