Is The Next Batman: Arkham Game to be Revealed Soon?

video-games-gaming-newsCould the next game in the Batman: Arkham franchise be announced next week? Yesterday an image was leaked that reveals what looks like a promotional display piece for an upcoming Batman game. It shows a Batman logo that is very similar to the ones used in earlier Batman: Arkham games.

According to Kotaku, who spoke with GameStop, this promo is not to go up until next week.

We’ve heard from GameStop employees saying this big ol’ Batman banner isn’t to be hung up until the week of March 3. There’s a lot of secrecy revolving around these materials, and GameStops are receiving a poster called “Zeppelin” that’s also linked to Batman, according to an employee who asked not to be named.

So is this the next chapter, and is it coming from Rocksteady Studios? Also discovered is an unnamed SKU in GameStop’s computer system that has a release date of October 8th, which is around when past Arkham titles have been released. Sounds like a pre-order for something Batman specific is coming next week. (Source: Akrhamverse & Kotaku)


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