Is Rom The Space Knight to Return as A Transformer?

comic-book-newsOver at Bleeding Cool, they have reported some interesting news about Rom The Space Knight. The point to Hasbro filing updates on the Trademark for Rom, which they own (Marvel has the rights to the rest of the Space Knights). Which Lee Seitz covered here.

So, there are currently three trademarks Hasbro has applied for. The first is for comic books and was granted in April 2013. They’ve already used the first of their five possible extensions to use it in commerce (i.e. publish a ROM comic book). Extensions are required every six months if Hasbro doesn’t have proof of use. Five extensions give them three years to do so.

The second trademark is for “toy action figures and toy robots convertible into other visual toy forms,” which leads to the already existing rumor that Hasbro is going to make Rom part of the Transformers toy line. It, too, was granted in April 2013 and has had one extension filed against it.

The final trademark is for “entertainment services, namely an on-going animated television series for children.” This one was only granted in June 2013 and, because I’ve gotten lazy, is new to me. It would seem to contradict Hasbro making Rom part of the Transformers, unless such a TV series would be a spin-off of Transformers: Prime or something. The first extension was just granted last month.

But that isn’t everything, according to the report, we should be looking to IDW Publishing to be doing something with Rom. And soon. So, is Rom heading towards the world of Transformers? It would be interesting if the Transformers mythos was expanded further with another fan-favorite franchise like this. What do you think? (Source: Bleeding Cool)


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