Is Harley Quinn In Arrow’s Upcoming “Suicide Squad” Episode?

television-tv-news-and-talkOkay, I admit I missed this the first time I saw the latest Arrow promo. I was still in awe at last night’s episode and if you blink you totally miss it. But if you watch the promo below, there is what looks like either another homage, or a possible lose your $#!% moment. If you check out the 0:07 mark of the promo. Are we looking at Harley Quinn?!?

Now the episode is about the Suicide Squad and those that are familiar with the comic book series of the same name, know that Harley Quinn has been a member of the Suicide Squad. So are we looking at another homage? An Easter Egg for those paying attention? Or will we be seeing Harley Quinn appearing on Arrow?

One has to think that it might not be possible for the Arrow team to use Quinn as she is mainly a Batman villain and could be used in Fox’s Gotham series. Who knows what Warner Bros./DC Entertainment’s “rules” are for the characters at this point. What do you think? The “Suicide Squad” episode of Arrow will premiere on Wednesday, March 19th at 8pm EST on The CW.


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