Is Green Lantern Going to Appear on ‘Arrow’?

television-news-and-talkIn a recent interview with TVGuide, Arrow producer Marc Guggenheim shared some interesting news. To say that there haven’t been plenty of Easter Eggs and tips to the DC Universe, with character guest appearances to background nods on Arrow, would be an understatement. Guggenheim revealed that another little gem to be found in an upcoming episode is one to Green Lantern. The episode will feature a Ferris Air jet that has the same logo as the one in the Green Lantern movie.

Though Arrow doesn’t take place in the same universe as the Green Lantern film, Hal Jordan could still appear on the show. Guggenheim says, “I would never say never, it’s certainly something that we’ve talked about.” There is a bigger connection between Green Arrow and Green Lantern, than most DC characters share. So to have Green Lantern on the show wouldn’t be out of the norm, and would very much fit within the Arrow universe. So what do you think? (Source: TV Guide, via CBM)

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