Is Developer DICE Working On A Star Wars Shooter?

video-games-gaming-newsGaming publisher EA has not wasted any time moving ahead after the recent announcement of acquiring the Star Wars license. In some exciting news today, the publisher announced that DICE (Battlefield series) has opened up a new office on Los Angeles, to begin moving forward on a new Star Wars game! General manager, Karl-Magnus Troedsson of DICE, shared some of his excitement as well during the announcement…

“Locating in southern California was no accident according to DICE general manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson. “It’s no secret that our main competitor is there,” he told the Wall Street Journal. This should certainly heat up the competition between Battlefield and its chief rival, Activision’s titanic Call of Duty franchise.

For Troedsson, working on Star Wars titles is an exciting prospect. His studio shares the same level of anticipation. “People stood up and cheered, when I announced that we were working on Star Wars,” he stated. Fans might be cheering along with them if DICE decides to expand on an existing franchise (Battlefront would make the most sense), a plan that is under consideration.”

So how does everyone feel about a developer of this pedigree working on what many would call the “ultimate” franchise known as Star Wars? (Source: GameInformer)

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