Interesting Commentary On Fear of Demand, Plus Are G.I. Joe Collectors All Talk?

toy-news-and-talkOver at, Philip Reed has posted a couple of interesting articles that I think are worth check out. The first one, is about the fear of demand driving sales. It comes from the fact that the recently posted G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary line, which was originally a Toys R Us Exclusive became a shared exclusive with BigBadToyStore.

The pre-orders as Phil pointed out seemed to be driven by fear of not being able to find them at retail in a few months. Which some fans admitted being a reason. I think this happens a lot, but it is interesting to see someone put some thought behind and put it out there. What do you think?

The other question he asks is, did the G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary Marauders (and Dreadnoks) 7-Packs hurt the 50th Anniversary? BBTS still has a lot of inventory some two years later. This is a great question, so I ask, do G.I. Joe fans do more talking and less following through? Time and time again, Hasbro has brought to retail something that Joe fans were excited about, but it then ends up at discount retailers like Marshall’s and ROSS. Fans are always saying Hasbro should do this or that, and that it would sell, but will it really?

Are fans’ emotions the cause of the current state of the collectors market? Or have we just been burned too many times to care any more? What do you think?

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  • I think it has to do with distribution. Plus collectible shops are buying the retail rather than ordering from distributors. Which further messes up distribution. I don’t find stuff at the big box but I do find it months later at the discount.

    • Distribution does play a major factor, but I still think fear does too.

  • FireChief420

    Distribution is a major problem. When future toys are revealed I decide which and how many I want. If I don’t make those goals it’s because I couldn’t find enough. The only exception being the Jungle Viper, I only got about half of what my intended goal was.

    • Distribution and case ratios do factor into the problem, but fear or missing out does as well. The need to have something right away is the cause of this.