In-hand Images of Transformers Generations Voyager Class Autobot Whirl

toy-news-and-talkThanks to HK-TF member stevenhyk we have some in-hand images of the upcoming Transformers Generations 30th Anniversary Voyager Class Autobot Whirl figure. This new Generations Whirl figure is very G1 inspired. This is already a highly anticipated Transformer with fans and should be arriving at retail very soon. So enjoy the latest images of Autobot Whirl figure, and get ready to hunt this one down. (Source: HK-TF)

transformers-generations-voyager-class-autobot-whirl-01 transformers-generations-voyager-class-autobot-whirl-02 transformers-generations-voyager-class-autobot-whirl-03 transformers-generations-voyager-class-autobot-whirl-04 transformers-generations-voyager-class-autobot-whirl-05

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