In-Hand Images of the Four Horsemen’s Power Lords Adam Power Figure

toy-news-and-talkThe first of the Four Horsemen’s Power Lords review samples has surfaced today. Over at Kaster’s Korner they have review Adam Power. The figure looks fantastic too. Based on the original toy line from the ’80s, Adam Power transformers into Power Lord. Unlike the original vintage figure that featured a transformation feature, Adam Power and Power Lord will be two separate figures.

I’ve mirrored a few images below, but there are more than two dozen images to check out over at Kaster’s Korner. The first figures from the Power Lords line will be available for pre-order this Friday for Power Club members. They will hopefully start shipping the following Friday, May 30th. Stay tuned for the next in-hand review of the Power Lords line. (Source: Kaster’s Korner)

Power-Lords-Adam-Power004 Power-Lords-Adam-Power005 Power-Lords-Adam-Power013 Power-Lords-Adam-Power021 Power-Lords-Adam-Power024 Power-Lords-Adam-Power026

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  • kastorskorner

    We will have reviews up for the rest of the wave throughout the week

    • Excellent! Looking forward to seeing the rest.