In-hand Images of FansProject’s Warbot 03 Assaulter

toy-news-and-talkThe third-party Transformers market has turned into something pretty damn cool in recent years. Either with accessories to fit on existing figures from Hasbro, or creating all-new characters that are just incredible. FansProject is one of those companies that fills that niche with all kinds of really cool third-party Transformers. One of their latest figures that will soon be available is the WB03 Warbot Assaulter. And thanks to 乌拉诺斯 of ACToys, fans can get a great look at this upcoming figure with a ton of pictures that were posted. I’ve mirrored the images below for you to check out. And you can pre-order the WB03 Warbot Assaulter here at online retailer BigBadToyStore for $94.99. It is tentatively set to be available sometime this month.
(Source: ACToys)

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