Images of Unique Toys UT-W03 War Bison Prototype Figure

toy-news-and-talkUnique Toys released some new images of the UT-W03 War Bison figure from their Beasticons War Lord line. Based on the Generation 1 Trantrum character, War Bison gives a modern approach to the character. Creating one part of their Beasticon combiner that is a remake of the Generation 1 Predaking combiner. The images of the prototype are mirrored below for you to check out. Thanks to the Transformers fan group at Planet Iacon for the heads up! (Source: Facebook)

unique-toys-ut-w02-war-rhino-02 unique-toys-ut-w02-war-rhino-01 unique-toys-ut-w02-war-rhino-03 unique-toys-ut-w02-war-rhino-04 unique-toys-ut-w02-war-rhino-05

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