Images of Transformers Generations Metroplex and Scamper

toy-news-and-talkOver the last couple of weeks, there have been a few teaser images posted online for the upcoming Transformers Generations Metroplex figure. You may recall the reveal at Toy Fair this year, the massive two foot tall Transformer figure. Since then, not much has been seen of it until recently. Thanks to TF Yuki on Twitter and Planet Iacon on Facebook, we’ve been treated to a series of teaser images. Most of the images show the massive scale of the figure compared to other large Transformers, including the G1 version of Metroplex too. And most recently, as in today, a new image shows what looks to be Generations Scamper, the companion Transformer that comes with Metroplex. So check out the images mirrored below, and keep an eye out for more as they are posted. (Source: Planet Iacon and TF Yuki)

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