Images of The LEGO Movie Super Secret Police Enforcer #30282 Polybag

toy-news-and-talkSome images for The LEGO Movie Super Secret Enforcer #30282 set has surfaced. This is the latest in the line of sets based on the upcoming movie. It is also the next polybag set.

It contain 40 pieces and includes one Movie Robo SWAT minifigure. It will retail for $4.99. This polybag is also a Toys R Us Exclusive. There is a listing on the TRU website, but is not available to order yet. (Source: Bricks & Bloks)

the-lego-movie-super-secret-police-enforcer-30282-polybag-set-01 the-lego-movie-super-secret-police-enforcer-30282-polybag-set-02 the-lego-movie-super-secret-police-enforcer-30282-polybag-set-03

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