Images of ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’ 3.75″ Figures from UK Toy Fair

toy-news-and-talkNews and info from the UK Toy Fair last week is still trickling in. And the latest bit of news are some images of The Bridge Direct‘s 2013 Hobbit Series 2 line of figures. Based on the second film, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Series 2 introduces a few more figures to the successful Hobbit line. It appears we will be getting two Dwarf 3-packs, a goblin 3-pack with previously released Finbul, Bolg and Grinnah, a Gandolf and Radagast 2-pack, an Azog with his Warg set and single figurs of Azog, Radigast and Bolg, which may be 6-inch figures. There is no info as to when exactly these are to arrive at retail other than summer, with the movie not out until the end of the year, have to wonder when Bridge Direct is going to get these out to not loose momentum of sales from Series 1. I’ve only mirrored a few images below, there are more to check out over at the Idle Hands blog. Thanks to Goldbug for the heads up. (Source: Idle Hands)

bridge-direct-the-hobbit-2013-series-2-3-75-inch-figures-01 bridge-direct-the-hobbit-2013-series-2-3-75-inch-figures-02 bridge-direct-the-hobbit-2013-series-2-3-75-inch-figures-03 bridge-direct-the-hobbit-2013-series-2-3-75-inch-figures-04 bridge-direct-the-hobbit-2013-series-2-3-75-inch-figures-06 bridge-direct-the-hobbit-2013-series-2-3-75-inch-figures-05

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  • bifur

    hey dudes this is great isnt it anyone checked up on all the new nyc toy fair 2013 figures photo’s cos i love em!!!! but any word on who know’s who bridge direct is gonna make for a sdcc 2013 comic-con exclusive figure hobbit im hoping its yazneg or a stone troll or king thror and thrain ii 2-pack but any word on them making smaug for definite like they wanted to as a project!??

  • bofur

    hey guys yeah any word on smaug action figure if so is he gonna be in wave 2 or 3!?

  • bombur

    yeah when is smaug coming out as bridge direct are going to make him but just havent released any further details!?

  • Laurence

    Oh come on Guys is anyone gonna answer poor Bombur,Bofur and Bifur here? i mean you should do!

  • Disbeliever

    Why do we have to answer them? when they have a lack of punctuation within their comments that are not worth reading to be honest!