Images of the GIJCC’s FSS 2.0 Wide Scope and Desert Scorpion Figures

toy-news-and-talkAnd moving right along, the G.I. Joe Collectors’s Club is continuing with posting images of their Figure Subscription Service (FSS) 2.0 figures. Today we see the next two figures they have posted images of are, S.W.A.T. specialist Wide Scope (with Lamont), and the desert assault trooper, the Cobra Desert Scorpion. The FSS 2.0 line-up will include Admiral Keelhaul, Airtight (Brazilian Tiger Force), Big Bear (Oktober Guard), Bombardier, Cesspool, Cobra Desert Scorpion, Dragonsky (Oktober Guard), Lt. Falcon (Night Force), Shipwreck (Brazilian Tiger Force), Skull Buster, Tollbooth and Wide Scope (S.W.A.T.). You can pre-order these figures with the Figure Subscription Service now, orders will be taken through May 22nd. (Source: GIJCC)

gijcc-fss-2-desert-scorpion gijcc-fss-2-wide-scope

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